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July 2018

Purfoods Distribution Center - North Jackson, Ohio

TSE is providing the structural engineering services for the construction of a 71,000 square foot high-bay cold storage facility in North Jackson, Ohio, with a 5,600 square foot connected office building.

The primary building structure consists of conventional steel framing with metal roof deck and composite metal wall panels.  A portion of the exterior grade is recessed below the building floor to accommodate a large truck loading dock area.  The high bay building is divided into three distinct structurally separated areas: freezer, cooler, and non-cooled space.

TSE is working with Davis International, Inc. of Youngstown, Ohio, who specializes in the construction and leasing of industrial, warehousing, and cold storage facilities.

Project Site Under Construction


June 2018

Court Street Apartments - Rochester, NY

Structural Slab for Parking Area
There is major revitalization going on in Rochester, New York, and TSE is part of the design team for a mixed use project along the Genesee River.
TSE is providing the structural engineering services for the construction of a 6-story 198,000 square foot structure located directly adjacent to the Genesee River and the Court Street Bridge in downtown Rochester. The building is being constructed integral with a river-walk promenade project that overlooks the Genesee River.
The top five levels of the building consist of wood-framed construction for residential housing, supported by a concrete and steel podium over a covered parking area on the lowest level.  An isolated retail space is located at the north end of the second (main) floor level, and the concrete and steel podium was extended above this space to allow for an open floor plan.  An outdoor courtyard at the center of the building will provide access down to the river-walk promenade.

The existing site provided several challenges for designing and constructing the building foundations.  The site contained an abandoned concrete platform, which was used to service trains/railcars, that needed to be demolished; large existing sewer lines located under the site; and tight clearances between the Court Street Bridge, South Avenue and an existing restaurant.  Furthermore, permanent maintenance access to underneath the Court Street Bridge was required through the building's covered parking level.  These factors led to the use of deep foundations and a concrete structural slab for the parking level.

TSE is working directly with the contractor, DGA Builders, LLC of Rochester, New York.
Hanlon Architects of Rochester is providing the architectural services.  


April 2018

University of Pittsburgh - 7500 Thomas Boulevard

High Bay Addition Under Construction
TSE provided the structural engineering services for a high bay addition to the University of Pittsburgh's dense storage facility located at 7500 Thomas Boulevard in the Point Breeze neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  The addition utilizes pre-engineered metal building construction and is supported on a system of deep foundations.  

The facility is part of the University Library Systems, and includes Archives & Special Collections (A&SC), one of western Pennsylvania's largest repositories for manuscripts, rare books, photographs, microfilm, maps, audio visual materials, and more.

This is the fourth project for which TSE provided structural engineering services at the Thomas Boulevard facility, including two structural evaluations of the original building to determine its existing live load capacity, plus a previous renovation and addition to the building in 2001.

RSH Architects is providing architectural services.




One on Centre

Construction is progressing well on the 17-story mixed-use housing complex in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, and our structural work is nearly complete.

One on Centre (previously known as The Empire) was featured on Steel Day 2017 in September when Massaro Corporation hosted a tour of the construction site.  This annual celebration of the structural steel industry, sponsored by the American Institute of Steel Construction, is the industry's largest educational and networking function, with events occurring all over the country.  The Pittsburgh event was attended by local design professionals, contractors, fabricators, and Carnegie Mellon University engineering students and professors.

The 573,000 square foot building will include indoor parking, offices, amenities, and commercial spaces at the lower floor levels and studio, one, two, and three-story apartment configurations at the upper 14 levels.  The 7th floor level will also include a large indoor fitness center and an outdoor swimming pool terrace with landscape and entertainment features.

TSE is working directly with the developer, Park7Group, headquartered in New York City.

Humphrey's & Partners Urban Architecture, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is providing architectural services.

The facility is on schedule to open in the summer of 2018.

Existing Historic Building


Eighth & Penn

TSE is providing structural engineering services for the new Eighth and Penn development in the Cultural District of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Along with major renovations, 128,000 square feet of new building construction is being tied into two existing historic buildings to create a 135 unit residential apartment building with ground floor retail and restaurants.

The existing 8-story buildings at 711 and 713 Penn Avenue have a total area of approximately 62,000 square feet and consist of a combination of wood, steel, concrete, masonry and clay tile arch construction.  The 128,000 square foot building additions will consist of an 11-story wing directly adjacent to the existing buildings and a 7-story addition behind them.   The primary building structure for the additions will consist of precast concrete plank supported by structural steel framing. The rooftop level of the 7-story building addition will be an outdoor terrace and garden.

Structural Revit Model
Structural Revit Model

Renovations to the existing buildings will include partial reconstruction of the floor structures to accommodate a new stair and elevator core.  The new core area floor structure will be set at two different elevations at each floor level so that the stairs and elevators can be accessed from both the new and existing floor levels, which differ by more than 4 feet in some areas.  Additional floor reconstruction will take place at the seventh floor to accommodate a new Club Room that will have direct access to the outdoor terrace.

The design team is being led by Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettel.


TSE had a very busy summer.  In addition to many interesting projects, a few of our staff members hit some exciting milestones in their personal lives! 

Laura LaFace, our Administrative Assistant is now Laura Whitfield! She and Zach were married on July 15th!
Two weeks later, Natacha Reed, who recently joined TSE as a Design Engineer, married Jeff Carr and became step-mom to Lauryn & Shannon!
On August 14th, Dan Hancock, Project Engineer, and his wife Lisa, welcomed their first child, daughter Samantha Rose!
Congratulations and much happiness to Laura, Natacha, Dan and their families!

Lower Level Floor Framing




Emerald on Centre Avenue

Building Construction Along Centre Avenue
TSE is providing structural engineering services on a new 7-story apartment building that is currently under construction in Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood, adding to the booming multi-family housing market in the Pittsburgh region.  The Oxford Development project has a gross building area of 189,570 square, and includes two levels of subgrade parking and support spaces including a clubroom, offices, fitness center and retail tenant space, plus five levels of high-end residential living space.
Steel, concrete, and masonry construction is being used for the lower parking and support levels to accommodate the subgrade conditions and fireproofing requirements.  The upper residential floor levels are structured with engineered wood framing.

WTW Architects is providing architectural services on the project, and Rycon Construction is the General Contractor.

Welcome, Natacha!


Staff News

TSE is happy to announce that Natacha Reed has joined our staff as a Design Engineer. Natacha is a recent graduate of California Polytechnic State University, and has relocated from California to Pittsburgh ahead of her upcoming wedding.  We welcome Natacha to the TSE Team!




Affordable Housing for Pittsburgh

Construction is underway on two affordable housing projects for Pittsburgh that TSE has been working on over the past year, Susquehanna Homes and Addison Terrace Phase III.  When finished, Susquehanna Homes will provide 38 new housing units in Pittsburgh's Homewood section, comprised of one- and two-story single family dwellings and duplexes with a combined building area of more than 50,000 square feet.  Addison Terrace (Phase III) consists of 48 new housing units consisting of one-, two- and three-story single family homes, townhouses, and apartment buildings in Pittsburgh's Middle Hill neighborhood, with a combined building area of more than 65,000 square feet.  The Addison Terrace project also includes a 3,500 square foot community building.
Wood-framed construction was selected for both projects, based on their size and occupancy, with selective use of structural steel, concrete, and masonry where required by the architectural and site design parameters.

LGA Partners is providing architectural services on the projects, and Mistick Construction is the General Contractor.

TSE is also partnering with LGA Partners and Mistick Construction, providing structuraldesign services on scores of existing vacant properties which are being rehabilitated for residential use in the Manchester neighborhood on the North Side of Pittsburgh.



Staff News

Dirk's family is continuing to grow, with the birth of his second grandson, Nathan Flint Florijan, on May 4th. Congratulations to parents, Bill & Brittany Florijan, Big Brother Billy, and proud grandparents, Dirk & Karen Taylor!

Nathan, Pap, & Billy




Unitarian Universalist Church

Mt. Lebanon, PA

TSE is providing the structural engineering services for the 6,200 square foot addition to the Unitarian Universalist Church in Mt. Lebanon, PA.  A portion of the existing building was demolished to make room for the addition, which will improve the form and function of the church.

Some of the project's main structural design challenges included working with complex building geometry with asymmetrical hipped roofs, plus the integration of a long-span steel structure above the open sanctuary space with conventional wood framing in the support spaces where the addition ties to the existing building.

Rothschild-Doyno Collaborative is providing the architectural design services on the project, and Tedco Construction is the General Contractor.

2016 News




Falconhurst Apartment  Wilkinsburg, PA

TSE is happy to have provided the structural engineering services for The Falconhurst Apartments, the complete restoration project undertaken by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation as part of the effort to revitalize Wilkinsburg's Hamnett Place neighborhood.  Construction is in the final stage of completion at this time.

This challenging project included complete replacement of the internal structure of an existing 4-story 25,000 square foot apartment building that had been badly neglected and left vacant for decades.  Because the building was so badly deteriorated and failing structurally at all levels, TSE was asked to help develop a method of stabilizing the perimeter masonry walls so that they could be maintained during removal and replacement of the interior structure.  In addition to the perimeter walls, only the front stair framing was salvageable, although significant repairs were required to keep them.

Five years earlier, TSE provided similar engineering services during the complete restoration of the adjacent Crescent Apartment Building, which was a similar-sized structure that required nearly the same level of restoration work.  Both projects included slightly less extensive renovations of smaller nearby duplexes and apartment buildings, and the Falconhurst project also included construction of a new 5,000 square foot duplex.

The design team on both projects was led by Landmarks Design Associates, and the restoration work was performed by Sota Construction.




Fort Ligonier Museum  Ligonier, PA

Historic Fort Ligonier is in the midst of a major expansion and renovation of their museum, which is devoted to the period of the French and Indian War.  TSE is happy to be providing the structural engineering services for this important project, which includes significant renovations to work rooms and gallery spaces in the existing 14,500 square foot museum, plus a two-story 10,000 square foot building addition that will house a new learning center, administrative offices, public restrooms, and storage space.

TSE used composite steel and concrete floor construction for the upper floor to accommodate large open spans while also working with a low existing floor-to-floor height.  A complicated wood-framed hipped roof was required to match the museum's existing architecture.  The site's poor soil conditions also provided some challenges, requiring a mix of shallow and deep foundation systems that include drilled caissons and grade beams in combination with simple spread footings.

The $8 million project is expected to open in the spring of 2017.  Architectural services for the project are being provided by The Design Alliance, and P.J. Dick is the project's General Contractor.

Architectural Rendering




The Empire

Structural 3-D Revit Model
TSE is providing structural engineering services for the new 17-story housing community project currently under construction in Pittsburgh, PA.  The $106 million development, which will be completed in the summer of 2018, is expected to provide housing primarily to students from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. 

The 573,000 square foot building will include indoor parking, offices, amenities, and commercial retail spaces at the lower floor levels, and studio, one, two, and three bedroom apartment configurations at the upper 14 floor levels.  The 7th floor level will also include a large indoor fitness center and an outdoor swimming pool terrace with several landscape and entertainment features.

TSE evaluated several different structural systems when the structural design began nearly a year ago.  The final design consists of concrete floor slabs-on-deck supported by Ecospan composite steel joists and conventional steel framing.  The building structure is braced by two reinforced concrete core towers that house stairways and elevator shafts.

TSE is working directly with the developer, Park7 Group, headquartered in New York City.

Humphries & Partners Urban Architecture, an award winning architectural firm, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is providing the architectural design services. 




Hilton Garden Inn, Moon Township, PA

TSE provided the structural design for the new Hilton Garden Inn in Moon Township which is now under construction.  The geometry of the four-story, 83,500 square foot hotel building was carefully coordinated due to height limitations relating to its proximity to the Pittsburgh International Airport.  The structure consists primarily of conventional steel and concrete framing, and incorporates Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) wall construction.

Insulated concrete forms are foam blocks that stack like concrete masonry units and are left in place after the concrete cures.   In addition to reducing overall construction time,ICF wall construction provides enhanced thermal characteristics that result in a more energy efficient structure and reduced operating costs throughout the life of the structure.  The ICF wall construction also provides excellent acoustic performance, making it ideal for multi-unit housing and hotel facilities.

Over the last 3 years, TSE has been involved in several projects that utilize ICF wall construction systems, including apartment buildings, hotels, and an elementary school addition.  With the completion of every project, TSE continues to receive increasingly positive feedback from contractors' representatives in the field, as they become more familiar with the system and as ICF manufacturers continue to expand upon the wide range of accessories and components they offer.  ICF wall construction is becoming a preferred construction type by many architects, engineers, and contractors.

TSE has enjoyed a long-standing, ongoing working relationship with Fairchance Construction, the project's general contractor.


Cosmopolitan at Ross Park

TSE is providing complete structural engineering services for a six story, 212,000 square-foot residential apartment building currently under construction in Ross Township, PA.  The building will contain “open-air” parking at the ground level, with residential units on the second through sixth floors.  Additionally, a roof-top patio will be located on the north end of the building.  The site is located on Cheryl Drive directly adjacent to the Ross Park Mall. 

The primary building structure consists of five stories of wood framing and bearing wall construction supported on a steel framed and concrete slab-on-deck podium above the ground level parking.  Due to IBC code requirements for this construction type, special detail and coordination needed to occur to maintain adequate fire-rated construction at the exterior wood bearing walls.  Furthermore, a deep foundation system of concrete grade beams and caissons was utilized to provide adequate bearing capacity for the higher design loads and to decrease the risk of differential settlement.

The apartment building is scheduled to open in May 2017.

The design team is led by Pieper O’Brien Herr Architects.




aaAnimal Friendsaa Wellness Center

Construction is underway on a new Wellness Center that Animal Friends is currently building in Ohio Township, PA.   The 2-story, 18,500 square foot treatment center will allow Animal Friends to expand their commitment to end pet overpopulation with increased spay-neuter services, and to increase the health of animals throughout Allegheny County and the surrounding region.  It will also serve as a pet food bank, and will provide additional space for Humane Investigations officers.

TSE is providing complete structural engineering services for the project, which has a geometrically complex floor plan and multiple roof slopes to complement the existing adjacent Animal Friends facility and fit in with the sloped, wooded building site.  The new building will be structured with a combination of steel, concrete, and masonry systems, with varying foundation design to accommodate existing soil conditions encountered in different areas of the building footprint. 

The center is currently scheduled to open in January 2017.  TSE is pleased to be part of the design team led by IKM Incorporated.

Purna Kolli

Staff News

TSE is happy to announce that Purna Kolli has joined our staff as Design Engineer.  Purna is a recent graduate of Penn State with a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering with a structural emphasis.  


In addition, Joe Conlon, who is going into his senior year at The Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering, has joined us for the summer as an intern. 

Joe Conlon




Parkway Office Building

TSE is providing complete structural engineering services for a four-story, 44,000 square foot office building currently under construction in Greentree, PA.  The building, a project of Burns & Scalo Real Estate Services, sits on a highly visible site along the Parkway West, and is expected to be completed this Spring.

The primary building structure utilizes composite concrete and steel floor framing for performance and economy.  Rigid steel frames were used for lateral support of the building to accommodate open floor plans and not restrict future tenants.  The exterior wall structure consists of a combination of cold formed metal stud framing, clad with metal panels or masonry veneer, and/or multi-story curtain wall.  Dynamic compaction (soil improvement) was utilized to deal with poor soil conditions and support a shallow foundation system.  

The building also features a “solar wing” design element which utilizes an elevated steel frame supported off the main roof framing.

TSE is pleased to be part of the design team led by DLA+ Architecture.

Staff News

Bryce Baker, Revit Modeler

TSE is happy to announce that Bryce Baker has joined our staff as Revit Modeler.  Bryce is a recent graduate of ITT Technical Institute.  He is also the great-grandson of Michael Baker, founder of one of this region’s premiere engineering firms.  Welcome, Bryce!

Brad Oliver, Design Engineer

At the same time, we are sad to say goodbye to Brad Oliver, our Design Engineer.  Brad and his wife are relocating to the Philadelphia area.  Best wishes to Brad and Kate!  We will miss you!

Bryce Baker

In other TSE news, we are pleased to announce the launch of our newly designed website by web designer, Brittany Florijan!  




New Elementary School for Montour School District

TSE is happy to be providing complete structural engineering services on the new elementary school that is currently under construction in the Montour School District. The 2-story, 165,000 square foot facility will serve students in grades K through 4, replacing two aging elementary school buildings and combining into one new central structure. 

The primary building structure utilizes steel, concrete, and masonry systems to accommodate an innovative architectural design with numerous large open spaces. The building's large curved roofs are structured with exposed long-span steel bowstringŁ trusses above the largest open spaces. 

The $55 million elementary school is currently under construction, with an expected completion in the Fall of 2017. 

Architectural Innovations is the project's architect-of-record, and construction management services are being provided by Thomas & Williamson. 

Dirk Taylor celebrates 20 years of TSE!

TSE Turns 20!

As the saying goes, time flies when you are having fun. And time has certainly flown by for TSE as we are now celebrating 20 years in business! We would like to thank our loyal employees and clients for helping us reach this milestone, and hope to enjoy continued success in the coming years. Thank you all!