Taylor Structural Engineers, Inc.

Commercial - Institutional - Light Industrial

912 Fort Duquesne Boulevard
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Numerous renovations to an existing 10-story building in downtown Pittsburgh.  Extensive repairs were made to the exterior plaza and sublevel parking garage framing to correct  damage caused by years of water penetration.  Inside, the ten-story central atrium was completely remodeled by adding a glass-railed monumental stair between the first and second levels and skylights at the roof level to bring plenty of natural light into the lobby.  Ten stories of interior glass wall panels were also installed in the atrium.  In order for maintenance personnel to easily clean the glass panels, a monorail trolley system was also installed around the atrium at the roof level. Other improvements to the plaza include the installation of a new stair and ramp, a new canopy, and several landscaping features.


           The Elmhurst Group