Taylor Structural Engineers, Inc.

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3 Crossings
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

3 Crossings is a 20-acre, mixed use development in the Strip District of downtown Pittsburgh. TSE is currently working on 4 buildings within the development; 2501 and 2555 Smallman Street, Riverfront East and West.
  • 2501 Smallman- A structural design of a 3-story, 55,000 square foot commercial office building with a 17,350 square foot basement level parking garage. The project had a fast-track schedule.
  • 2555 Smallman- A structural design of a 4-story, 110,000 square foot rectangular commercial office building with a parking at the ground floor level and office space at the three upper levels.
  • Riverfront East- A structural design for the construction of a 5-story rectangular commercial office building with an enclosed parking garage at the ground floor level, four floors of office space at the upper levels, and a gross square footage of 137,740 square feet.
  • Riverfront West- A 165,000 sf 5-story office building with a basement level parking garage (currently in construction).


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